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What can we do for you?

Introducing Soasis, an innovative social shopping platform tailor-made for Gen Y & Z. Soasis connects merchants with our users by analyzing their card transactions and shopping preferences, and users have the opportunity to earn rewards for exploring, revisiting, and recommending their favorite establishments to friends on the Soasis platform.

Why did we come up with this idea?

We believe that the current state of commerce is flawed. Advertising costs continue to rise while returns diminish, and the shopping journey for consumers remains stagnant, mirroring the experience of five years ago. We recognize the need for innovative approaches to captivate modern consumers and reshape the landscape of commerce.

Who’s on Soasis?

Your new favourite customers: Gen Z users, the group of people who display the highest willingness to experiment and invest in novel experiences.

What do we charge?

Almost none. With Soasis, you only:Only pay for customers Claim acquires or retainsCan start tomorrow with no upfront costDon't need any integrations

Why Soasis?

All-in-one platform

Deed helps companies engage employees by empowering them to donate time, money, and skills to nonprofits they care about.

We’re all about you

We pride ourselves on the ability to be nimble, client-focused, easy to use, and innovative.

We help tell your story

Employers can amplify social impact efforts through matches or rewards and track, analyze, and share the collective impact with the world.

We care about your impact

Our partners value our ability to meet them where they are – whether they're just starting a program or have been active in the space for years – leading to increased engagement and impact.